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7 ways to identify a fellow cycle commuter

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1. Eats a second breakfast

It’s pretty common for people to eat breakfast at their desks (at my workplace, anyway), but the cycle commuter will nearly always tuck into a hearty bowl of porridge or granola on arrival – definitely a sure sign of someone who has just got off a bike.


2. Has a desk draw containing socks/deodorant/baby wipes

Most people sort themselves out at home, but these items, along with hair styling products, shower gel and even spare undies are a sure sign that your desk buddy is getting active in the morning.


3. Checks the weather – excessively

Of course, this weather checking is not, in our opinion, excessive at all – but to the average working, it may appear so. No one wants to be caught out by an unexpected shower or early darkness, so cycle commuters will always keep an eye on what the sky will be doing come home time.


4. Plugs lights into computer on arrival

It's always good to get into the habit of checking how much juice your lights have, and charging that if need be. Most lights have USB ports, making this really easy for desk workers.


5. Seems healthy, well rested, and less stressed

Regular exercise is good for both physical and mental health. Doctors recently suggested regular cycle commuting could cut sick days in half, as well as reducing the risk of serious diseases, and saving time and money for individuals.


6. Sometimes has a little spec of mud on chin or very rosy cheeks

Even with the very best shower facilities, sometimes it’s easy to miss that little fleck of mud after a wet ride in, and that healthy rosy glow doesn’t disappear immediately. The good news is these are the signs of a person who has enjoyed getting a good dose of Vitamin E in the morning.


7. Always arrives with a smile

A sure sign of someone who enjoyed their commute – and definitely someone we’d enjoy a good natter with over our coffee break.

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