Ten great reasons to ride to work

Ten great reasons to ride to work

1. Arrive happy

Arrived at work smiling and refreshed, happy that you have spent some time in the fresh air doing something you enjoy rather than sitting in traffic in the car.

2. Stay fit

Combine the ‘wasted’ commute time into a one hour keep fit session.

3. Take in the sights

Being able to look at the sights and arriving at work with a glowing face and a feeling of achievement.

4. Feel the buzz

The sheer buzz that you get from showering and being at your desk after ten miles of hard, fast cycling and the fact that your legs are starting to resemble California Redwoods

5. Save cash

Great way to de-stress, cheaper than driving (bike is paying for itself), easy to keep fit (no gym membership needed here), feeling more alert than if you had driven in and you can eat as much cake as you like.

6. Clear your head

If I’ve had a really long day at work, with loads of meetings, and I’m feeling pretty uninspired and lacking in energy, once I get on the bike that all disappears. By the time I get home I’m wide awake and ready to go again.

7. Keep riding, for longer

I have ridden to and from work. I can honestly say this is the best I’ve felt all my working life and I really look forward to the journey to work.

8. Notice more stuff

You will love the time it gives you to unwind after work. You'll see things in your area that you never knew were there when you were using the car all the time.’

9. Dodge the germs

No timetables or other commuters coughing and sneezing all over you. Saving you money. Keeping fit. The list goes on.

10. Take control

You don’t have to worry about finding change for the bus. You don’t have to worry about the variants of getting stuck in too much traffic, or if the trains are delayed. You're in charge of your own destiny on your way into work, so you always can predict what time you are going to arrive in the office.