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Protect Your Knees When You Play Basketball with Compression Sleeves

Protect Your Knees When You Play Basketball with Compression Sleeves

Protect Your Knees When You Play Basketball with Compression Sleeves

Basketball is a fast-moving, high-intensity sport where players are not strange to knee and leg injuries. Knees propel you upward when you jump and absorb the shock when you land. They also help in stabilizing your legs as you make high speed or sudden direction changes. Basketball players face more knee injuries as compared to the participants of other sports. 

A knee compression sleeve helps in providing support to a sore knee. Knee sleeves are pulled on, stretchy sleeves, which are usually made up of neoprene. They are available in various sizes and can easily fit on your knee without putting much compression. Some foot sleeves have an open kneecap area that allows more flexibility, whereas other sleeves are completely closed, offering additional support. Swelling is the enlargement of the body part, and it is the immediate response of the body. Applying ice, resting in an elevated position, and using the Knee Compression sleeves can reduce the swelling. 

For the knee rehabilitation process, a range of exercises is essential. Orthopedic doctors suggest wearing Knee Compression sleeves before and after surgery or playing games such as basketball, badminton, etc., which can help reduce the swelling. Doctors usually recommend Knee Compression sleeves because it's quite hard to perform the exercise if the keen cannot achieve the full range of motion. Compression helps to increase the blood circulation to the injured joints. Some of the advantages of wearing a knee sleeve are – 

  • It reduces pain, swelling, and stiffness.
  • Compressing elements helps in blood circulation and recovery.
  • It also provides support to perform leisure exercise and rehabilitation.

Some of the Important Tips for Wearing Knee Compression Sleeves Correctly -

Wear them daily

Knee Compression sleeves are preferable for individuals requiring support in the knee joints. These are suitable for everyday wear without experiencing chafing as the neoprene material is quite comfortable. The Knee Compression sleeve helps boost blood flow, which can help mitigate swelling and pain management.

Choose quality over quantity.

It is imperative to consider the foot sleeves' quality as poor quality of knee compression sleeves can easily tear, lose their stretching, cause irritation, and offer ineffective compression.

It should fit well

To get effective results, compression sleeves must fit comfortably. A knee compression sleeve should allow you to move easily, and it should not make your leg constricted. If the size is too small, it causes improper circulation in the leg, causing numbness or blood pooling. 

Knee compression sleeve material should be skin-friendly and should have moisture-wicking features to remove the sweat. 

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