Some Of The Main Reasons You Need Bicycle Lights When Bicycling

Sometimes bikers are required to travel in limited visibility conditions like nighttime or during heavy rains and fog. Due to such conditions, it is imperative that they ensure that their bike has the required lighting equipment. This safety advice should be practiced throughout the year, be it summers or winters.

What are active and passive bike lights?

The law mandates both active lighting and passive lighting on bikes. Active lighting requires activation as it is electric and needs to be switched on to work. Passive lighting comprises reflectors that only work if light falls on it. It is basically present if your active lighting function fails due to battery drainage or any other failure. 

Here are a couple of reasons why you need bicycle lights.

  • The Law

First of all, the law mandates that your bike must have at least one light. It doesn’t matter if you didn’t plan your ride beforehand, or it got stolen, or your batteries died. If you are riding in low visibility without bike lights,you will have to face the consequences.

  • Prevent Bike Crashes

It is a universally accepted fact that if someone is driving a car during low visibility conditions without their headlights and taillights is risking his own life and the lives of other drivers. The principle applies to bikes. This is why bikers should equip their bicycles with at least a front light and a tail light too.

  • Lack of Experience 

There are no laws or regulations that stop kids from riding bicycles as there is no age bar. But since kids have lesser experience of riding, traffic laws, and maneuvering through the traffic, they must take special precautions for their safety. Therefore bike lights are a must for them.

Reflectors or LED lights?

Due to the lack of data on bike crashes, It's hard to know what kind of bicycle light is ideal. But, it's better to be over-equipped than under-equipped. If you only have headlights and no tail lights or reflectors, you might get run over by a fast car. Even if you have reflectors on the back, sometimes the vehicle is so fast that by the time its headlights fall on your reflector, it won’t be able to stop, and you will get injured or worse. Therefore, it's better to invest in LED lights in addition to reflectors at the front and the back of the bike. They provide more visibility and can be seen even from farther away. 

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