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Performance™ Compression Calf Sleeves, BLACK

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These compression sleeves offer superb breathability, while helping to improve performance and prevent injury. Re-energize on the track in these calf sleeves.

compression calf sleeve

  • Graduated Compression 20-30 mmHg
  • 360° Compression lower leg Support
  • Compression reduces swelling while stabilizing your calf
  • Can be worn with athletic shoes during activity
  • A great solution for lower leg pain treatment while being active
  • Great for active pain relief from calf pain
  • Recommended to Air Dry to Prevent Shrinkage. Wash cold. No fabric softener.
Relieves Calf Pain
Prevents Shin Splints ⭐⭐
Reduces Swelling  ⭐⭐⭐
Eliminate Varicose Veins
Reduces Swelling ⭐⭐
Prevents Muscle Injury  
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Customer Reviews

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Made to help!

I am a new walker, in my 70's, and was experiencing shin splints. I purchased these to see if they helped. Guess what ... along with stretching, these have been a tremendous help. They hold their shape, wash well & are comfortable to wear. I'll buy them again!

No more shin splints

-fit well

I bought these calf sleeves because I run about 18 miles a week indoors and outdoors and gets chronic shin splints. I was concerned about the size because I am a 5-2 petite woman. I was pleasantly surprised to find that these sleeves actually fit very well. I think they would also be suitable for a man or a bigger person because they're pretty stretchy. Regarding my shin splints, the ones in my right leg went away and I have occasional shin splints in my left leg. However, they are not nearly as bad and do not occur nearly as often as they do if I don't wear these.

Hand wash with mild detergent.

Would buy again!


Great product

Compression makes all the difference!

I had strained my left calf muscle for the first time in my life after transitioning into HIIT on my treadmill with minimalist shoes and I could not walk properly for a couple days. Once the compression sleeves arrived, I put them on and started to notice immediate relief! Its been about a week now and I am about ready to continue training on the treadmill again!!


These were made by angels! Suffer from horrible shin splints. I play roller derby. Used KT tape before. Might as well throw that in the trash after using these! I barely felt the pain at all. Wish I had a pair in every color lol. I'm 5'2" 140. Small/medium was nice and tight where it needed to be and looser in the right places as well. PERFECT DESIGN.