Air Travel Compression Socks

Buy air travel compression socks online in New York, United State from Blitzu Gear. Compression socks for travel keep you comfortable while flying on long haul flights. Compression socks are a simple treatment that can make long flights and car trips more comfortable.

 We, at Blitzu, Gear provides you with compression sleeves for staying free from stress all day long. All these Air travel compression socks are fashionable and fit as flight socks and diabetic socks.  

They are strong and range from small to extra-large sizes. You can now stay relieved from tired and aching legs. These socks will also solve problems of swelling. 

You can get the improved blood circulation along with the prevention of the varicose vein problem. You will get the availability of the compression socks with us in different colors and fighting the different odds.


Our Air travel compression socks now come with the moisture-wicking property and anti order facilities. They are soft and super stretching. The pressure options range between 8 to 15 mm HG and 15 to 20 mm Hg. 

There are options available like special copper grade compression socks, sleeves, stockings, to name a few. There are styles available like Opaque, semi Opaque, and non-opaque. 

The range of travel socks

We understand that sitting at flight seats in one position for long hours can lead to tired and swollen legs. It also resists the proper circulation of the blood, overcoming the problems of the feet as well. It becomes a problem when you are choosing to go ahead with long-distance travel for prevention of the circulatory problems. We can provide you with the quality Air travel compression socks that have a pressure ranging between 8 to 15 mm HG and 15 to 20 mm Hg.

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1 product