Performance™ Compression Ankle Sleeves
Performance™ Compression Ankle Sleeves
Performance™ Compression Ankle Sleeves

Performance™ Compression Ankle Sleeves

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Promotes a new and improved compression profile for swelling reduction and pain relief while maintaining a stay-put fit during workouts and sports. Perfect for supporting a sprained ankle and other minor to mild ankle injuries.

  • Graduated Compression 20-30 mmHg
  • 360° Compression Ankle Support
  • Compression reduces swelling while stabilizing your ankle for relief
  • Can be worn with athletic shoes during activity
  • A great solution for ankle pain treatment while being active
  • Great for active pain relief from foot pain
  • Recommended to Air Dry to Prevent Shrinkage. Wash cold. No fabric softener.
Reduces Ankle Pain
Prevent Ankle Injury ⭐⭐
Support the Arch of the Foot ⭐⭐⭐
Faster Recovery
Reduces Swelling ⭐⭐
Improves Blood Circulation  
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Customer Reviews

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Finally getting some relief from daily foot pain!

Finally getting some relief!! I am a Physical Therapist Assistant, so I had already tried exercises, orthotics, stretching, icing and even got a cortisone shot to my heel in order to relieve the day to day extreme pain in my right plantar fascia and heel. I ordered some expensive shoes promising to be the fix to my pain $120 which didn't work (I sent them back), So I was very skeptic to try these compressive socks, but the price was great and the pain was real!. I choose to put these on after work since my arch would cramp up and my heel would hurt more soon after removing my tennis shoes with plantar arch support.. I have only had these sock for 2 weeks, but have seen improvement already. I am using just on my right foot. I wear 9.5 size shoe women's, so bought the small/medium. Some reviewers complain of them being too small/tight, but all compression socks are supposed to be tight in order to do their job, so the struggle to pull on/off is real :) but once in place, they are very comfortable and truly are helping! I also have neuropathy in my feet, so my toes are happy with the open toe design. So far these socks are amazing! I plan to hand wash and drip dry in order to keep them lasting long!

Helps with swelling, stability and pain

I broke my ankle ( fibula) and had to wear a boot for 6 weeks. I bought this compression sock to help with the lingering swelling.
I started using it during my 6th week of wearing the boot. It has helped immensely!!
I've started walking without the boot 2 hours in the am /pm.
Since I've been using the sock my ankle swelling has gotten better & my pain is better.
There is a huge difference in walking with or without the sock. I recommend this compression sock for anyone who is healing from a broken ankle or has weak ankles.
My daughter has plantar fasciitis and she has a lot of foot pain. So I ordered her a set as well. This has helped her with the pain while walking. I would definitely buy again.
I usually don't leave reviews. I always read them before I buy anything. So I felt that with how much this has helped my daughter and I. That I would leave my opinion in a review. I wear an size 8 shoes and ordered s/m. My daughter wears a 9 with a high arch. We ordered her the large. Hope thia helps anyone who is like me and worries about ordering online.

They help the ankles!!

Old feet and ankles, good support for the ankle, great price and great delivery time!!

Reduced the pain

The sleeve doesn’t provide a lot of extra stability but the compression seemed to work great. After one day wearing it greatly reduced the pain. I’m wearing it over a sock and it caused no chafing and stays clean longer. I have tried a number of braces that help with stability but didn’t help with the pain. Perhaps the compression makes a big difference with any swelling. I’m pleased with the product.


I had an injury to my ankle 8 months ago. I have been going to physical therapy once a week with no relief.Extreme pain 24/7, couldn’t sleep a times. I ordered these ankle compression socks on a Sunday evening, received within two days! Put the sock on my injured foot and within an hour all pain stopped!!!!This product save my sanity, and took all pain away!! What a GREAT product.I HIGHLY RECOMMEND this compression sock!