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. INSTANT ANKLE PAIN RELIEF: Clinically Proven to Help Alleviate and Eliminate Ankle Discomfort From Sprains Posterior Tibial Tendonitis, Peroneal Tendonitis, Joint Pain and Other ...
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Instant Ankle Pain Relief: Our Lace Up Ankle Brace Helps Alleviate Ankle Discomfort From Sprains, Tibial Tendonitis, Peroneal Tendonitis, Joint Pain and Other Acute Injuries. Our...

Which Ankle Braces Are Best for You?

Injuries to the ankle are common. They can happen quickly and in many different ways. Fortunately, an ankle brace helps support your ankle during recovery. But what kind of brace is best for you? At BLITZU, we offer all types of ankle braces, including lace-up braces, sleeves, higher ankle braces, and lower ankle braces.

Ankle Sleeves

ankle sleeves

These are lighter versions of braces that are best used for minor aches and pains. They are ideal for stiff, weak, or sore ankles. The braces can be worn on and off as needed for sport and activities. They provide slight support while allowing the ankle to move freely. They are ideal for preventing injury or providing light support during recovery.

Ankle Sleeves with Compression Straps

ankle brace with compression straps

These ankle braces are similar to sleeves, however they provide an additional level of support since they are adjustable. All of them use criss-cross figure-8 strapping techniques, which are the most common ankle taping methods. This type of brace provides compression, is fully adjustable by adjusting the strap tension, and is not very bulky. 

Lace Up Ankle Brace


Lace up ankle braces can help you stay comfortable during physical activity. You can typically wear these ankle braces inside most shoes since they are lightweight. If you have experienced ankle injuries in the past, lace up ankle braces can prevent rolling, twisting, and other strains. Lace up ankle braces can help prevent ankle injuries by stabilizing the ankle joint and helping to prevent rolling, twisting or other strains. Lace up ankle braces can be adjusted to fit your comfort level by tying them as snugly or loosely as you like. The braces can provide you with a healthy range of motion while also providing the rigid support you may need. 

You can find the right ankle brace for every condition at BLITZU, from Achilles Tendonitis to Preventative Protection.