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Calf Sleeves

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Leg & Calf Pain Relief: Calf compression sleeve for men & women support the calf muscle, provide pain relief and help relieve leg cramps & fatigue. Our leg compression s...

What's a calf compression sleeve?

Essentially, a calf compression sleeve is an elastic garment that slides over your foot. This calf support fits around your ankle and just below your knee. Calf compression sleeve can be worn during and after workouts or runs. It helps you alleviate leg pain, increase energy in your legs, prevent injuries, and speed up your recovery. 

How do compression sleeves work?

Wearing compression garments, such as calf sleeves and compression socks, improves circulation, promotes healing, and reduces swelling. 

Improved circulation

The majority of calf compression sleeves apply graduated pressure to the calves. Fluid is directed away from your calves and towards your heart with this 'tighter at the bottom - looser at the top' design.

Blood flow

Calf sleeves increase blood flow back to your heart by gently increasing pressure in your veins. It stimulates your circulatory system, which ensures your calf muscles get 'fresh' (oxygen-rich) blood into them, and 'old' (oxygen-poor) blood out.

The more oxygen your muscles have, the better they heal from muscle injuries like calf strain. Once your muscle strain has healed, you will continue to reap the benefits of wearing calf sleeves. By increasing blood flow and oxygen (which fuels your muscles), you may run faster and further, for longer periods of time.

Lymphatic flow

Calf sleeves also increase lymphatic vein pressure. Your lymphatic system removes waste products from your muscles. The process also removes old or injured cells from the area so that new ones can grow.

Lymphatic circulation improves pain relief and reduces swelling. Furthermore, it helps heal injured tissues during and after exercise or injury.

Muscle oscillation

A compression sleeve can reduce muscle oscillation - the vibrations that occur in your muscles when you walk or run.

Your calf muscles will be sensitive to most movements when you have a calf strain. It can be painful to walk even a few steps. By using a calf sleeve, you can 'splint' the injured area, which reduces muscle vibration and protects your calf from future injuries.

You may experience less muscle fatigue, micro-injuries, and post-exercise soreness during your return-to-running program if you have less vibration in the calves.


During exercise, compression sleeves can keep your muscles warm. A warm muscle has better blood flow and is less likely to fatigue and be injured. If you run in colder climates or temperatures, calf sleeves may benefit your training. Additionally, they can prevent calf strains and re-injuries.


Running with calf compression sleeves can improve your reflexes and body position sense.

By having better sensation and reflex responses in your legs, you will be able to maintain better posture and balance. As a result, you will also be able to respond more quickly to sudden changes in the environment. Additionally, it reduces your chances of re-injuring your calf once you return to running, especially over longer distances when fatigue may affect your form.