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Wrist Braces

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Instant Wrist Pain Relief - Measure around your wrist to deternine your size, this wrist brace fits wrist circumference 5-9.5". Do you suffer from carpal tunnel syndrome, tendonitis, arthr...

Benefits of Wearing Wrist Brace

In today's society, wrist sleeves are one of the most widely used medical devices. The reason for this is because they provide a lot of benefits. An wrist brace is a specially crafted wearable that helps, protects, or limits wrist movement. They can be designed for right or left hands, and some braces are interchangeable, so they can be used on either forearm depending on how they are customized. Using wrist sleeves can help prevent injury or protect the wrist after an accident. The use of these devices is frequent among physicians for precise rehabilitation and to relieve long-term wrist pain.

Wrist sleeves can be worn for healing and relaxation, but here is the most common reason to wear one.

Sports Training Support 

The best wrist sleeves are commonly thought of as pain relief or injury prevention, but athletes also use them to prevent injuries. An athlete may be able to avoid these common injuries by wearing a wrist brace, which prevents the wrist from moving beyond a safe range of motion, and, in some cases, spreads tension over a larger area.

Provides Support to Workers in the Shipping Industry

Athletes aren't the only ones who suffer repetitive motion injuries. Stockers and shipping workers, who constantly haul boxes and flats of materials, are particularly susceptible to wrist injuries since they have to lift and move large objects several times in a row for most of the year and repeat the same movements over and over again. Injuries can be prevented with a supportive brace, and injuries sustained by repetitive motion can be treated with a more rigid brace to speed healing.

Effective in Treating Carpal Tunnel Syndrome 

Carpel tunnel syndrome is primarily caused by continuous use of a keyboard or controller. A person who performs repetitive small motions with their fingers may be affected by carpal tunnel syndrome. It is common to experience pressure, tingling, numbness, and difficulty moving the thumb and first two fingers when you suffer from carpal tunnel syndrome. The use of a wrist brace is one of the most effective treatment options for treating carpal tunnel syndrome, as it provides relief from pressure on the wrists.

Reduces Swelling

It is likely that the wrist will swell dramatically if you do not take action to prevent and minimize inflammation after a sprain or other mild internal wrist injury. Using the RICE principles of injury rehabilitation can help minimize and monitor swelling. It is recommended to rest, ice, compress, and elevate. In addition to supporting the injured area, a wrist brace decreases swelling by compressing the wrist. An elastic bandage can be used for this purpose, but a wrist brace is faster and easier to use.

Reduces Further Injuries

Besides providing motion restriction, rigid wrist braces can also protect against unintentional impacts and provide support to help distribute lifting work. They also provide armor to prevent overextension as a tendon heals. Also, it may remind you that your wrist is still hurt and that you should handle it with care. 

For Tendonitis Treatment

Using your wrists too much at a computer desk, or sports field causes tendonitis, which gradually damages and eventually inflames the tendons that connect your fingers to your arm muscles. It is common among office workers and manual laborers to overuse the arm muscles without warming up and exercising properly, causing them to tighten.

For Arthritis Treatment

Your wrist becomes arthritic when all of the buffer cartilage wears away, causing the tiny wrist bones to rub against each other. Pain, swelling, and a limited range of movements can result from this condition. The best way to minimize bone rubbing in the wrist is to partially immobilize it with braces that reduce its movement, particularly during painful activities.

The wrist sleeves are used for a variety of purposes, including support, rehabilitation, immobilization, compression, and security. BLITZU has a variety of sports-related medical devices, including wrist sleeves. Please contact us for more information.