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Arthritis Gloves

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Best Compression Gloves for Arthritis Pain - Our Compression Fingerless Arthritis Gloves Are Designed to Provide Maximum Comfort and Support During the Day and at Night. Often Use...

What Are Arthritis Gloves?

It may be recommended by your doctor or physical therapist that you wear these gloves to alleviate some arthritis symptoms in your hands. Rather than treating arthritis, they help you manage some of its symptoms. Among the features you'll find on gloves are:

  • Providing extra support with splints

  • Using compression to relieve pain

  • Reduces pain and stiffness with heat

  • Additional support from wrist wraps

For maximum benefit, wear the gloves for eight hours at a time, either during the day or at night.

How Do Arthritis Gloves Work?

Compression and heat are known to increase circulation, which facilitates healing and eases inflammation. By reducing these symptoms, you will be able to move more freely, feel less stiff, and have greater grip strength. Wear the gloves while sleeping to wake up with less stiffness, or during the day to move more freely.

Those who used the gloves reported improvements in pain, stiffness, and swelling. While the gloves won't cure everything, they may make your day a lot easier.

Are Arthritis Gloves Right for Me?

Find the features that work best for you by searching around. A few guidelines are listed below:

  • Fit: If the gloves don't fit properly, the compression won't work. Choose gloves that fit well or can be adjusted.

  • Fabric: For maximum benefit, wear them for eight hours, so make sure it's breathable. Your hands shouldn't become too sweaty.

  • Fingers: Most arthritis gloves are fingerless. You will have the most freedom and range of motion if you wear them during the day. A full-finger glove may be sufficient for you overnight.

  • Features: Consider whether the gloves have heat therapy and the level of compression before making a purchase.