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Back Braces

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Product Description The Performance™  Back Brace provides immediate pain relief for sciatica, lower back pain, upper back pain, as well as back muscle pain caused by a herniated disc. The 3D lumbar...
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Product Description What is a SI Joint Belt? An SI joint belt is designed to reduce pain by limiting movement of the SI joint. In addition to providing support, it reduces the amount of stress on t...

Why do I need a back brace?

By wearing a back brace you prevent your body from making unnecessary movements that could further harm your back. As a result, your spine will be aligned and your back muscles will be strengthened. Your back will heal and your back pain will decrease. Furthermore, back braces take support away from vital areas of your back, such as your spine, invertebral discs, and vertebrae.

Provide additional spinal support: A back brace can add stability to the low back when the spine is injured or weakened. The purpose of a back brace is to support the torso in a safe and supportive manner, in order to promote healthy healing for the current injury and to prevent additional injuries from occurring.

Reduce spinal pressure: Back braces can reduce the pressure on the joints, discs, muscles, and joints of the spine by removing some of the weight placed on the lower back. 

Reduce range of motion during healing: A back brace prevents or restricts painful movements such as twisting or bending forward, backward, or to the side. In addition to reducing painful movements and postures, the wearer can gain better awareness of their body's positioning (proprioception), so they can adjust posture consciously for the benefit of their backs.

Reduce micro-motion between vertebral segments: A brace also minimizes muscle tension and irritated nerve roots or joints from excess micro-movements that occur at particular spinal segments or vertebral fractures.

The addition of a back brace to a treatment regimen has been found to improve mobility and pain scores more than just physical therapy and pain medication alone.