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Lace-Up Ankle Brace | For Ankle Sprains & Strains, Instability, Pain Relief, Recovery & Prevention

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Size Chart

Choosing the Right Size for your Lace-Up Ankle Brace

Shoe size is given as a general guideline. Measure your ankle circumference with a measuring tape in order to determine your size. 

ankle brace Ankle-Stabilizing-Orthosis (ASO): Our Lace-Up ankle brace is a low-profile and durable nylon lace-up ankle brace with Figure-8 and circumferential straps for medial, lateral and arch support
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Product Description

Why should you wear this ankle brace?

Our Lace-Up ankle brace is a low-profile and durable nylon lace-up ankle brace with Figure-8 and circumferential straps for medial, lateral and arch support. This ankle brace provides stability for both chronic and acute ankle instability and relieves pressure on the injured foot, allowing it to heal faster and avoid future injury. It is designed to help overcome ankle sprains, strains, instabilities and chronic pain associated with ankle injuries. It fits both left and right feet.

lace-up ankle brace

This ankle support brace offers support and protection for many conditions and injuries, including:

  • Swelling
  • Sprains
  • Ankle arthritis
  • Lateral malleolus pain
  • Anterior ankle injuries
  • Sore ankles
  • Ankle tendonitis
  • Strains
  • Weak ankles
  • Instability
  • Plantar Fasciitis

ankle brace

ankle sleeve

Why do our customers love this ankle brace?

ANKLE BRACE THAT GLIDES ALONG WITH YOU: Invest in a long lasting ankle support brace. Our foot brace was designed with end users in mind. Featuring high-quality nylon and neoprene, this ankle brace provides superior ankle support and breathability. Designed with double stitched seams, this ankle brace is strong and durable so you won't have to keep buying new ankle braces every month.

INSTANT ANKLE PAIN RELIEF: Our ankle brace helps alleviate ankle discomfort from sprains, tibial tendonitis, peroneal tendonitis, joint pain and other acute injuries. Our ankle brace is designed for use in the treatment and prevention of sports-related injuries as well as minor injuries. The side straps curve your ankle to immobilize the foot without limiting your ability to walk or run.

ankle support wrap

OPTIMAL SUPPORT TO PREVENT INJURY: This foot brace is specifically designed to work effectively in any activity, such as volleyball, basketball, football, soccer, hiking, running, wrestling etc. Maintain your best performance while being confident that your ankle will not be injured. Unlike an ankle sleeve, our brace can be adjusted to provide the level of support you desire. The lace-up front and straps allow you to adjust the tightness and compression level.

SPEED UP RECOVERY: BLITZU ankle brace for sprained ankle provides customized compression that helps improve blood circulation & provide pain relief. Our ankle brace eases foot discomfort like plantar fasciitis, heel spurs and tendonitis. It also helps in stabilizing & preventing foot injuries without restricting your motion.

GREAT ANKLE COMPRESSION WITH X-SHAPE PROTECTION: Whether you're healing and recovering at home, working all day, or playing sports, our foot wrap with compression straps will keep your feet comfortable by providing targeted and adjustable compression.

SECURED GRIP-TIGHT BOOT: What distinguishes an excellent ankle brace is not just its rock-solid support and comfort, but also its breathability for all-day wear! Blitzu ankle stabilizers include a breathable and vented shoe tongue that provides breathable support. The shoelace is purposefully linked to the tongue of the boot to ensure that it is always centered and tight enough.

GET ON YOUR FEET IN NO TIME: Built to last with high-quality materials! Fully adjustable and customizable to keep your feet comfy all day. Whether you're an athlete, weekend warrior, or simply an active person, this gear is your go-to for support and protection in your daily life!

lace-up ankle bracelace-up ankle bracelace-up ankle bracelace-up ankle brace

Not what you're looking for? We offer a wide selection of ankle braces, including ankle sleeveankle wrap, and lace-up ankle brace.

Frequently Asked Questions About This Lace-Up Ankle Brace

Q: This ankle brace is designed to treat what conditions/injuries?

A: This lace-up ankle brace is designed to help relieve strains, sprains, and instability as well as to support injured or weak ankles, promote rehabilitation, and provide protection during sports and recreational activities.

Q: What are the benefits of this ankle brace?

A: This ankle brace keeps your ankles stable and supported during physical activity or injury rehabilitation. An adjustable figure-eight strap provides added compression and support.

Q: Is this brace suitable for everyone? 

A: This product is available in sizes S to L, fitting a wide variety of adults including men and women, teenagers, and children.

Q: Is this brace suitable for both right and left ankles? 

A: Yes! You can wear this brace on both your right and left ankles.

Q: Should a sock be worn under this brace? 

A: In order to reduce rubbing caused by sweat and movements, you should wear tall socks when doing physical activity.

Q: How should I choose a size? 

A: Check out our sizing chart above to determine your size.

Q: How often should I wear it? Can I wear this brace at night?

A: It is recommended you remove this brace while sleeping so that blood can flow properly and your ankle can stretch.

Q: Is this ankle brace latex-free?

A: Yes, this brace is latex-free.

Q: Should you only wear an ankle brace after an injury? 

A: It is often recommended to use a brace after an injury to provide additional support and speed up the healing process.

Q: What is the length of this ankle? 

A: When applied, this ankle brace measures approximately 7 inches tall.

Q: Can it be machine washed?

A: Hand wash with mild detergent in warm water. Let the product air dry completely before reapplying. Avoid using high temperatures when washing or drying.

Customer Reviews

Based on 68 reviews
Christopher P. (United States)
Helps me feel more secure

I severely sprained my ankle playing basketball and was too afraid to start playing any multidirectional sport for fear of doing it again. Thanks to this brace I’ve been able to ease back in to playing racquetball 3 times a week and my ankle has never felt more stable. I wouldn’t wear this for more than 2 hours but up to that point it is very comfortable and fits most of my sports shoes just fine. Definitely helped with my recovery.

Ryan S. (United States)

I have a very bad ankle. I even recently got stem cell treatment for it. It is from years of twisting it from sports injuries going all the way back to when I was about 14. Shredded ligaments and tendons and very poor stability. BUY THIS if that is you! Walking the dog at night was like walking in a mine field. Any little rock or catch in a curb could wreck me. No more of that! I can hike in the mountains now over rocky areas with no problem Walk in dark uneven areas at night. I LOVE this brace. It is the best thing every. Seriously it has changed my life. I highly highly recommend it.

Charles A. (United States)
Great Ankle Brace !!!

Ankle brace is very well made. I have been wearing mine every day for several months and it is still in like new condition. Ankle brace size M fits my skinny bony Mens US Size 11 1/2 B foot very well. Think of sizing relative to foot thickness, not foot length. If I was same foot length but in D width, would likely need L size ankle brace. Of course this brace limits your ankle range of motion as that is the whole point of an ankle brace; to protect your ankle from over bending. Would definitely buy again but this one is holding up very well. I expect to recover 100% from my ankle surgery long before wearing out the ankle brace.

Adam B. (United States)
Comfortable stability for my ankle

•Stability: excellent
•range of motion: very good, use the Velcro & lace to make the brace tighter or looser for movement. It’s wonderful for partial immobilization
•comfort: love it! Just find your compression tolerance without cutting off your circulation

Zachary H. (United States)
Ankle brace

I’ve had this product for sometime now. Been using it fairly regularly and holds up well. The ties are easy for adjustments for stability. Is machine washable on cold. Would recommend this unit

Steve R. (United States)
Miracle brace

This ankle brace immediately solved my ankle instability problems. I’m a runner and cycling instructor and could no longer put up with either because my right ankle was so floppy and the ligaments were so loose. Now that I have this brace my left ankle is jealous of my right. The same day I got the brace I put it on and went for a 5 mile run without any pain, discomfort, or flopping. If you have a floppy ankle save a trip to the doctor and just buy this brace.