Cyborg™ 168T Bike Tail Light
Cyborg™ 168T Bike Tail Light
Cyborg™ 168T Bike Tail Light
Cyborg™ 168T Bike Tail Light
Cyborg™ 168T Bike Tail Light
Cyborg™ 168T Bike Tail Light

Cyborg™ 168T Bike Tail Light

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Packed in an aerodynamic shape that complements your bike, the Cyborg 168T gives cyclists 260 degrees of visibility with a matching 180 lumens of light output featuring Daytime Noticeable Technology.


  • Lumen Output: 180 Lumens
  • 6 Modes
  • Weight: 34g
  • USB Rechargeable
  • Handlebar Strap Mount with Quick Release
  • Water / Dust Resistant IPX5 Rated


Steady Mode:

  • High - 1:30h
  • Mid - 2:15h
  • Low - 6:00h

 Flashing Mode:

  • High - 2:30h
  • Mid - 3:00h
  • Low - 5:00h

Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Stay safe, use this light!

There's no margin for error when it comes to cycling and safety. I've been riding for nearly 50 years and have numerous close calls on the roads, but that danger has increased significantly since cellphones came of age.
That's why I purchased this safety light for my riding. I ride about 150 miles a week mostly in the country to avoid traffic, but even there I've had my close calls. Ahem, two inches of clearance from your side mirror is not ample thank you very much.
The beauty of this light is it's ease of operation, if I fail to start it I can reach back under my seat and voila, she's burning bright. The three brightness levels and flashing modes give me the option to annoy, really annoy or shout "hey I'm right in front of you"! Seriously though, it's visible from a considerable distance and bright enough to catch anyone's attention that happens to be paying attention to their driving. Battery life is always a challenge to reduce weight and size, but this has proven to hold up for at least three rides, approx. 6 hours. I tend to charge it after two significantly long rides just for the peace of mind the next time I ride.
I know there are numerous brands out there, most are over priced or cheap, but this is a solid light that is still doing its job a year later.
Stay safe and hold your line!

Dusk riding

This is my second set of Blitzu lights and they are a life saver as my rides usually end around dusk. The run time and easy charge are essential for my daily routine. Thanks

So good I bought two!

I have two of these lights. I've had one mounted to my bike for the past year and a half and wanted to increase visibility at night. I liked the first buy so much, I got a 2nd one. I use them during my commute to and from work. I ride on the road with cars on both low-traffic and high-traffic roads. I wear one on my helmet and the other on my seat post. My main concern in buying this was that it is has a low profile, is easy to recharge, and can be easily carried along if I ever go running. (Note: I've not used it for running yet. However, when but when (if) I do, I plan to strap it to my watch or to a headband.)

The battery life has never been an issue for me; however, I don't usually let them run out. My commute round trip is little over an hour and I go 2 to 3 days before recharging. As for the light modes, I think that they offer an adequate amount of variety w/out being over the top. I typically use the low flash during my morning commutes when there is plenty of light. When I'm riding at night, I use the fast strobe setting to be sure I'm giving approaching cars adequate time to notice me.

I like how I can position the light vertically or horizontally without having to maneuver the mount in some weird way to make things work. I can't comment on how durable the clip is on the mount as I'm pretty gentle with my stuff. I only take the lights off when it's time to charge them. I guess that as long as you're taking care not to bend the plastic parts too far, you'll be fine. Five stars from this guy.

Do not ride without this!

Had a traffic accident in college . . always worried about being seen on the road when on my bicycle. This light works as expected, no, better. Tall vertical red light that cannot be missed. Nice size and plenty bright. Easy to attach, and stays in place. Easy to remove as well. Modes are easy to manage, really like the slow blink. Good throw towards the back and when vertical easy to spot from the side. It is the side view that I really value when in traffic, day or night. So I use it all the time. Glad I chose this one, will see if holds up under use, but for now I can say it is still going on the first two and a half hour charge. Also appears well protected from the weather.


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